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Web Site Design Principles

Web Site Design Principles

In this article we’ll go over some web site design principles. A few of the elements that should be included in the consideration process would be website design and development, domain name registration, web hosting, promotion and marketing and web maintenance or web master services.

The website design and development would include the actual step of deciding the objectives behind the need to set up such a platform.

These essential factors will eventually contribute to and influence the type of web hosting chosen.

The different types of website style may include informational ones or e-commerce ones.

An informational website is very much like an online business brochure and the objective of the site is to offer as much information as possible about the business endeavour featured.

Web DesignsAn e-commerce website would be one where the actual selling and buying of products will be conducted. Accompanied by the relevant information this platform allows the visitor to actually view the items and conclude a sale all at one place.

Website designers should be made to understand the requirements and basis of the business entity, as the pages created to be featured will depict such information to the viewing target audience.

Ensuring the design includes the relevant amount and usage of key words is important to ensure the desired traffic is effectively directed to the site.

Domain name registration is an internet address used by the website to direct interested parties to the site with as little hassle as possible. Although in actuality the domain name is rented rather than owned,

there are privileges enjoyed through the services of competitive World Wide Web availability.

The cost factor is also another important element to consider when embarking on the website designing and creating exercise. This often has a direct bearing on the eventual website that is ready to be featured.

Assembling a suitable site that is going to optimize traffic flow to the site is important. Therefore it would be in the best interest of the individual to ensure all relevant information is known in order to be able to assemble a good and functional site.


Putting It Together

Through the course of making choices for the assembling of the site, the idea of creating a web presence is the one of the most important feature to consider.

This consideration would make for a more viable presence within the online platform. Without this the site would not be able to complete on a level playing field with the other more competitive sites.

The elements that should be included in the exercise to gather all the necessary elements that will contribute to the assembling of the site should ideally include web pages, scripts, graphics, forms and others.

These should be placed in a directory folder dedicated to the site, which can also be organized on the hard drive as it would be on the internet.

The following are some points to look into when trying to assemble a site:

Choosing a reverse proxy to speed up your website can be done using standard or custom enhanced syntax. This is a more powerful feature as it enables the pages to be retrieved and used as a template to retrieve blocks from x-path expressions and facilitate transformations.

Web DesignIncluding dynamic contents from the CMS or website within the application is also useful. Adding to this the use of a remote template instead of the embedded files style is advantageous as it allows for the complete change of design at any juncture.

Being able to combine and assemble multiple applications into a single, fast, modular and standard compliant base is advantageous. These can be stand alone features with any application or embedded one in Java applications.

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